• Saffron Pasta with Saffron

Promotion package: saffron pasta with saffron jar of 0.1 grams.

The  saffron Busiate
They are the winning combination of a typical Sicilian long pasta and a precious oriental spice: saffron.
Drain the pasta still al dente and finish cooking it in a pan with a little cooking water, which will have the aroma of saffron.
Season with pecorino to taste.

Saffron in a jar

Saffron is a spice that is obtained from the stigmas of the crocus sativus flower, also known as true saffron, a plant of the Iridaceae family, of which about 80 species are part, with flowers formed by 6 petals of intense violet color that appear almost at the same time as the leaves towards the middle or the end of October and have a triffid stigma, 2-3 cm long: this is, from the economic side, the most interesting part because the note spice is obtained from it.

The harvest lasts for almost thirty days, always early in the morning: the sun, in fact, would make the flowers open, making it easy, with the manipulation, to deteriorate the stigmas.

Then there is the skimming, or the strictly manual separation of the stigmas from the flowers: this operation essentially consists in the extraction of the red fillets from the glass.

They are then placed on sieves, then dried in the heat of the embers. In this way, its aroma and coloring power are particularly accentuated.

Just as information, to get a kg of fresh stigmas you need about 60 kg of flowers which, after the drying process, are further reduced to only 200 gr.

Nutritional properties

There are about 150 volatile aromatic substances.

Saffron is one of the foods richest in carotenoids, such as zeaxanthin, lycopene and many alpha-beta carotenes that play the role of formidable natural antioxidants.

The virtues as an excellent gastronomic condiment are the happy result of the presence of three active ingredients: these, skilfully combined by nature, make saffron capable of enhancing any dish and satisfying the most demanding palates.

They are: crocin, with coloring power, picrocrocin, which has a bittering power and safranal which gives the classic aroma.

The characteristic golden-yellow color, which the spice gives to dishes, is therefore due to the presence of crocetin, a very particular compound: the simultaneous presence of glucose and crocetin gives crocin the ability to be both water-soluble and hydrophobic, therefore oil- soluble.

The rich presence of B vitamins, especially B1 and B2, contributes to the metabolization of fats, thus making saffron an excellent digestive.

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Saffron Pasta with Saffron

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