•  Plum jam

History of the Product and Origin

The extra plum jam is a Sicilian artisan product made exclusively with selected fresh fruit and above all grown in Italy, in Sicily.

Our aim is to offer a handcrafted product of excellence, which always respects the raw material and which has very specific characteristics.

The perfect link between quality and tradition enclosed in a jam.

The product

The plum jam is prepared strictly following ancient traditional recipes with selected top quality fruit.

To make it we use 70g of fresh fruit per 100g of product.

The slow cooking at low temperature manages to maintain and enhance the aroma and flavor of the fruit.

Even the use of a minimum amount of sugar strongly contributes to maintaining all the aromas and flavors of plums, as well as making it a healthy product for our body.

Beneficial Properties

Plum is a fruit with a diuretic, draining and purifying action as it is made up of approximately 85% water.

In addition to this, the plum provides minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus) and appears to have remineralizing and toning benefits.

It is also a food rich in vitamins A and C, useful for our immune system. Extra jam prepared with our sweet plums grown without using chemicals.

This jam is delicious spread on bread and used for the preparation of desserts but also in combination with yogurt and cheeses.

Nutritional values ​​.

Energy value (Calories) 188 kcal

Energy value (Kjoule) * 788 kjoule

Fats - 0g

Saturated fat - 0g

Carbohydrates 45 g

Sugars 42.7 g

Fiber 1 g

Protein 0.55 g

Salt 0.025 g

* 1kcal = 4,184 kJ

Net weight of the product
250 Grams Net Weight 250 Grams

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Plum jam

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