Origan, the scent of health Origan, Origanum Vulgare

is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Labiate family.

Originally from the Mediterranean basin, it prefers warm-temperate places exposed to the sun; it grows spontaneously in the hilly and mountainous areas, in the most inaccessible points, managing to break up the landscape with its pink flowers.

The plant can reach up to 70 cm in height: it is characterized by a long erect reddish stem, oval-shaped leaves with petioles and small flowers gathered in clusters located at the apex of the upper twigs. As far as sowing is concerned, it is multiplied by division of the tufts or by seed; in the latter case, it is advisable to sow in winter in seedbeds and then transplant the seedlings at home in late spring, leaving about 25 cm of distance from each other.

The oregano harvest is carried out in scale along the course of the year, using the leaves and flowering tops as needed throughout the growing season. It is a hardy and resistant plant, of which no specific diseases are reported. But soils that are too wet or with stagnant water should be avoided, or crops in areas with risk of frost.

Drying, after harvesting, is a fundamental step to keep the properties of oregano unaltered. It is advisable to place the tied and inverted plants in a shaded and ventilated environment. Property This fragrant herb is a valid antiseptic of the respiratory tract: in case of colds and flu you can make an infusion of oregano and it is also useful for facilitating digestion.

With an infusion, then, more concentrated, a mouthwash is obtained that disinfects the oral cavity and refreshes the breath.

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Origan in Twigs

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